2016: Lessons Learned, Apps Used and Much More

Things I’ve created

Things I’ve learned

  • Web programming – From Zero knowledge to launching my own site.
  • Spanish – From very basic (10 years since I studied) to completing a semester abroad in Buenos Aires with great grades. I took four classes, all in Spanish.
  • Scuba diving – Took a PADI Open Water Diver licence (18 meters depth) on Zanzibar.

Countries I’ve visited

  • Mexico (2 weeks) – Vacation
  • Tanzania + Zanzibar (2 months) – Studies/Vacation
  • Argentina (5 months) – Studies/vacation
  • Uruguay (4 days) – Vacation
  • Brazil (1 day) – Vacation


Books I’ve read


The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don’t)
Sean D’Souza

The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth
James Altucher

Choose Yourself!
James Altucher

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It
Kamal Ravikant

The Magic of Thinking Big
David J Schwartz

Stumbling on Happiness
Daniel Gilbert

The Art Of Learning (Audio)

Extreme Ownership (Audio)

A Guide to the Good Life (Audio)

The Obstacle Is the Way (Audio)

The Power of Habit (Audio)

The 22 Immuntable Laws of Marketing (Audio)

Vagabonding (Audio)

Zero To One (Audio)

The Sell (Audio)


The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastards, Book 1)
Scott Lynch

Cat’s Cradle
Kurt Vonnegut

The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicle, Book 2)
Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 1)
Patrick Rothfuss

Podcasts I’ve listened to

  • The Tim Ferriss Podcast
  • The James Altucher Show
  • Ask Altucher
  • The Three Month Vacation
  • The Filip And Fredrik Podcast
  • Startup

Three Biggest Accomplishments

  • Getting published on thoughtcatalog.com.
  • Starting writing and sharing my work on this blog.
  • Completing one semester of studies 100% in Spanish in Buenos Aires (With a preparation of three weeks of self-studies).

Most Used Apps

  • Evernote – For taking notes, journaling and writing.
  • Spotify – Music.
  • Audible – Audio books.
  • Podcast Addict – Podcasts.
  • AnkiDroid – Memorising words in Spanish and Swahili with spaced repititions.
  • WhatsApp – communication.
  • FitNotes – For logging workouts.
  • Messenger – communication.
  • Calm – Meditation (Just using the timer and calming sounds)
  • SpanishDict (looking up words while offline)
  • Clear Focus – For efficient work.

Random Highlights

Email reply from my hero, Derek Sivers.

Cycling between vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina.

Flying through the streets of downtown Dar Es Salaam in a Dala Dala (small buss) while the driver was cranking up P.O.P – Mambo Vipi.

Celebrating Bob Marley’s birthday on a beach bar on Zanzibar.

Staying in separate two-floor, ocean view, beach houses with my friend on Zanzibar (for $25 a night).

Celebrating a traditional Swedish midsummer.

Surviving an encounter with 3 lionesses at 3 AM on the Serengeti while taking a leak.

Listening to The Life of Pablo by Kanye West while working on a thesis in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Acting as a “game show host” in front of 35 people in Spanish.

Email reply from my hero, Ryan Holiday.

Going to an underground club in Dar Es Salaam, where the owner became obsessed in convincing me that he actually was the owner and proceeded to treat us the best night out of the year.

Doing weekly homework with kids from the poor neighborhood Villa 1-11-14 in Buenos Aires.

Swimming in a lake in the mountains outside the City of Cordoba in central Argentina.

Eating a kidney (not sure but probably from a pig or a cow).

Eating goat soup for lunch during two weeks without knowing it was goat soup.

Learning about 20 different greetings in Swahili.

Being pointed to and called “Pure Muzungu!” (Pure white person) and “Muzungu!” (white person) by hundreds of people on a market in Dar Es Salaam. My Tanzanian friend Ben later explained that “pure muzungu” was a good thing. “Yes, it’s good. You are very white. A PURE muzungu.”

Having the best tacos of my life in Tulum, Mexico.

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