30 day experiment: Daily practice

Today my happiness is 4,06, and in 30 days I expect it to by higher.


Entrepreneur and best-selling author James Altucher wrote an article about how to be the luckiest guy in the world. First, I recommend you go read it. It’s way better than this post.

James tells us that, to be happy and successful, you have to practice four disciplines on a daily basis:

  •  Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual
James practice those things every day. When he do get those things right he starts million-dollar businesses, writes books and launches podcasts. That’s what I want to do as well. So I’ll shamelessly copy him.


For the next thirty days I will have a daily practice and report the results. I want to see if this can make me a better human. Now, lets get in to the nitty gritty.


What is my daily practice?

I will follow James practice but modify it a bit. I have at least one exercise for each area of improvement.
Physical – I will engage in some kind of workout every day. If I’m sick/hungover I’ll do a lighter workout or stretching. The majority of the workouts will be weightlifting or kick-boxing. I will also follow a high-protein diet.


  • Light or heavy work out every day.
  • High protein diet.
Emotional – This is the one I find hardest to systematize. Most of the exercises consists of reactions to other peoples behavior. It is also by far the scariest one. But I will do my best. Lets break it down.


  • Be honest – I will not lie. Not even white lies to avoid uncomfortable situations. As long as I’m not mean to other people.
  • Remove energy drainers – I will not spend time whith people who are draining my energy.
  • Not make explanations. This might be a weird one. For example, if someone asks me if I want to have dinner I would reply “Sorry, can’t tonight.”. Instead of “Sorry, have to work.”.
Mental – This is a new one to me. I’m excited to try it out. It will be interesting to write down bad ideas to practice not to censure oneself. I heard somewhere that the key to great ideas are bad ideas. The ratio is constant, more bad ideas => more great ideas.


  • Write down at least 10 ideas every day.
Spiritual – I’ve done meditation on and off for the last year. And I’ve also done exercises to be more grateful. This is a big one. You can’t be happy if you’re not grateful. And you can’t be grateful if you don’t practice it. Atleast I can’t.
  • Meditation – I will meditate for minimum 10 minutes every day.
  • Being Thankful – I will write down three things I’m thankful for every day and visualize them.
  • looking forward – I will write down three things I’m looking forward to every morning. (Inspired by The Five Minute Journal)


I will do my daily practice first thing in the day. Some days I might change it around but this is what my standard morning would look like.


7 wake up + breakfast
8 work out + shower
9.30 Meditate
9.40 Write three things I’m grateful for and visualize them.
9.50 Write three things I’m looking forward to and visualize them.
10.00 Write down at least 10 ideas.


Who doesn’t like a good before-and-after-photo? I want to be able to track the results.


  • Happiness is a complicated concept. Trying to define the term is better suited for another blog post or book. I’ll use The Oxford Happiness Questionaire to measure my happiness before and after the 30 days. And as a complement I will journal about the experience. Happiness 28/8 2016: 4,06
  • Ideas – I will write down all the ideas and a note on how i felt doing it. I don’t think the point is to improve the quality of the ideas, but rather becoming better at generating ideas.
  • Physical – I will log all my workouts and performance.


I’ll use some software to keep track of everything. You can use all the tools for free, except maybe the gym.


Evernote – For writing journals and notes.
Habits – Easy way to track habits
Calm – Meditation timer
Tarabrach.com – guided meditations
Gym – For working out.
FitNotes – For tracking workouts.

Closing thoughts

If you want to copy this and try it out I recommend adding one of the habits at a time. I do most of these things on a weekly or daily basis already. So for me it’s an incremental increase. I would suggest starting with a daily meditation practice. Five or ten minutes a day. Do it for ten days.


I will be posting about my progress during these 30 days and summarize everything when I’m done.


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