15 Unexpected Results From Daily Practice

I was half naked on the cold plastic floor, shivering.

Lonely, scared and more sick than I’ve ever been in my life I thought to myself “At least I have a roof. And a toilet.”

I was very grateful for the toilet.

But it’s hard to be grateful. We’re not programmed for that sort of behavior.

If you are a grateful caveman you walk around with a stupid smile on your face instead of killing mammoths. Then a tiger eats you and you die. (Please don’t email me and tell me that cavemen, mammoths and tigers never co-existed)

All of us are stupid cavemen and cave-women. That is why we must practice being grateful.

And that is what I’ve been doing the past 30 days, along with some other things. If you want to know exactly what I’ve been doing, read my previous post.

Cool things that happened the last 30 days:

  • I increased my happiness from 4.1 – 4.8 on the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire
  • I increased my dead lift with 15kg
  • I increased my bench press with 5kg
  • I published my first 4 blog posts
  • I shared my posts in a group on facebook (Was scared but did it anyway)
  • I shared posts on linkedIn (Was scared but did it anyway)
  • I took the first step to starting on my first book
  • I wrote down 300 ideas
  • Three people have contacted me and told me they like my blog
  • My french room-mate said “Manne, you look so HAPPY!!” when I randomly met her walking down the street.
  • I had dinner at an amazing secret restaurant
  • I took the first step to launching a new IT-product
  • Got my first email-subscribers that I don’t know personally (yet)
  • I’ve come up with new ways to make money on an old business idea
  • I’ve scored at least three complementary hotel nights in Buenos Aires

These are just the tangible things. I also feel happier. I feel more energetic. I feel more creative. I feel more confident.

Below I go into some details about the three biggest improvements.


This is a picture of my happiness. The x-axis is supposed to be 1-30 but I hate Excel and she hates me.


Like I said, I do feel happier. I feel more at peace. I don’t dwell in the past or obsess about the future as much.

The index I’ve used is not perfect. Every step of my “scientific” method can be criticized. The graph does not prove anything. Happiness is hard to define etc.

But the daily practice seem to make me a better person. All I can say is that it worked for me and that it might, or  not, work for you.


I’ve been writing down 10 ideas every day for 30 days. I’ve been giving birth to 300 idea babies. It hurt and they mostly came out weird and ugly. But I love those little bastards.

Four idea-lists I made

  • 10 things I learned from Ramit Sethi
  • 10 scenes for a hidden-camera show
  • 10 ideas to improve the SEO of a site I’m building
  • 10 thirty-day challenges I can do

If you want to see any of the lists, shoot me an email at hello@mannelarsson.com and I’ll send it to you.

Writing down ideas creates energy for the brain. My brain is becoming an idea machine.

And if I find myself in an elevator with a TV-producer I can now pitch a hidden camera show.

James says that it takes 6 months to become an idea machine. I’m excited to see the effects of doing this for more than 30 days


It’s hard to meditate. I don’t follow my breath. Instead I think about weird things. But then I come back to the present and don’t judge myself. Just like Tara tells me to.

And then I become happy.

Sometimes I did meditations for 2 minutes. Sometimes for 25. Sometimes I walked down the street and observed my thoughts.

Closing thoughts

I have a saying:

“Anything that makes me grateful while throwing my guts up stays in my life.”

Feel free to Tweet that.

I will continue with my daily practice. I can already see positive changes in my life. I’m excited to what will happen if I continue to do it every day for six months. And then a year.

If you want to follow my journey, sign up below and I’ll show you what happens when you do something every day for year.



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