Why You Need To Become A Hunter



10 000 years ago we got fooled, badly. By wheat.


It tricked us to take care of it. It tricked us to protect it from animals, to water it and just for the hell of it – cover it in feces.


Wheat made us its servants. All along we though it was the other way around.


Then it spread. It spread fast. If Forbes where to run a story on the three most successful grains in history, wheat would be on the cover. One week it’s Elon Musk. The next: Wheat.


We went from spending our days taking walks and picking flowers to carrying buckets of water and stool under the scourging sun. We went from being hunters and gatherers to farmers. We had a new Lord.


We did anything to please the Lord. We worked HARD, we suffered and we died young. But we owned more stuff. More bread, more land, more houses. And enough wheat to bathe in it, Scrooge style.


However, we did not have more food per capita, but as a species. Homo sapiens owned more stuff.


But who cares? It was THOUSANDS of years ago. Today homo sapiens is much smarter. Many of us are lucky enough to not have to spend our best years carrying buckets of shit.


Instead we sit sloughed over laptops eight hours a day. Then we go home and fight with our spouses because we’re stressed about email. What a life.


So, how can we break free from the power of wheat? What can we do today that our wheat-loving brothers and sisters could not?


I’ll tell you.

We must become hunters.

That’s right. We must once again become hunters.

A hunter is free. A hunter is present, studying the task that lays before her. Then she executes. She goes out and gets what she needs. Not what she happen to crave for the moment. A hunter does not want anything she does not need. 

How to become a hunter

We posses the tools to once again become hunters. To control our own fate. Stop being slaves of grain.


1) Delete your wishlist
Think about all the stuff you want. A bigger apartment. New sneakers. A slightly flatter and curved TV. New iPhone.


Write down the things on a piece of paper. Then boil the paper and eat it like porridge. You don’t need it. It’s just wheat.


2) Stop being an idiot
I’ve spent the majority of my years being an idiot. Nowadays I try to do be less stupid every day.
Let me define stupidity:


  • It’s stupid to apply for jobs that make you miserable.
  • It’s stupid to work so hard you burn out.
  • It’s stupid to spend your free time mindlessly scrolling social media.
  • It’s stupid to think “If I only had X everything would be great.”
  • It’s stupid to not exercise. Hunters must be in shape.
  • It’s stupid to waste time wishing for other peoples blessings.
  • It’s stupid to drink so much you don’t remember anything.
  • Its stupid to lie.
  • It’s stupid to take friends for granted.
  • It’s stupid to not practice being grateful.
  • It’s stupid to complain.
  • It’s stupid to not love yourself.
  • It’s stupid to be angry.
  • It’s stupid not to meditate.
3) Find your pray
A hunter needs a pray. And you must hunt it down, smart and ruthlessly.


Your pray are the things you want to do but don’t.


Your pray can be to start a business. Your pray can be to finish the book that you have been “working on” for five years. Your pray can be to make a painting.


If you need help finding your pray, answer the question “What did I love to do as a child?”.


When you know what your pray is. Spend as much time as you can doing that.

Next step

I’m not saying don’t be ambitious. I’m not saying that competition and success are bad things. I’m not saying you should not try to make money.
What I’m saying is: Figure out what things you are doing because you think you have to. Then stop doing them and start doing things you like.
It’s stupid wasting your brief time on this planet as a slave of wheat. Stop spending your days carrying shit and go hunt something.

If you want to read more about wheat and humans I recommend the book Sapiens.

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